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Is Graphic Design an Art?

Good art gives interpretation as it communicates people in different ways. On the other hand good design is understood as it motivates people to communicate in the same way with a same message. As graphic design is a visual representation and skillful combination of texts and pictures and functions for a specific task to communicate viewers with a specific message with no matter of how much aesthetic and beautiful it is; we can say graphic design is not an art.

Tips on How to Draw Two-Point Perspective

Perspective drawing, a means to represent a picture to look real in a plane surface is divided into many categories. Previously, I explained to you how you can draw one-point perspective, as a related topic we are going to tackle steps on how to draw two-point perspective.

Why Now Is the Right Time for Freelance Graphic Designers to Create Graphic Design Portfolios

Now is the time to sell your designs and ideas. And the best way to do so is to create an online graphic design portfolio to showcase what sets you apart from the competition. In fact, by not creating an online graphic design portfolio, you may be doing yourself a huge disservice.

World Photos

Have you discovered yet that the world looks different if we look at it through somebody else’s eyes? We can discover details or new structures we never saw before. And what better way to do that than through the thousands of world photos available online? World photos have the ability to capture beauty in its many forms, shapes and colours and they are at our disposal with just a few clicks. Places you always dreamt of going to or impressive monuments and buildings that seem unreal but still they exist. These are few of the amazing features world photos can provide, along with the feelings that accompany the pictures.

Photos of Nature

Everyone loves nature and enjoying its beauty. Thus, everyone loves photos of nature that capture the essence of those things around us that we don’t pay attention at every time. There are so many beautiful surroundings and landscapes all over the world, some that not many of us had the chance to see. But through photos of nature you can be wherever you want to be, in any fabulous corner of the world.

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