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Still Life Paintings

Still life subjects have been used in oil paintings since art began, but have become particularly popular in western art since the 1700s. Still life paintings offer artists the opportunity to have a little more control over their subject and have also proved an excellent training method for amateur artists too.

Rivera Paintings

Diego Rivera Paintings offer beautiful additions to any contemporary home or office. Diego Rivera was a Mexican contemporary artist whose famous paintings have been classed in art movements such as Mexican Mural Movement & Social Realism. Diego Rivera was also married to Mexican Surrealism artist Frida Kahlo.

Woodcuts – A Cut Above Just Beautiful

The actual technique of stamping from woodblocks was used to print textiles before it was applied to paper. It was known in Japan since the VIII century. Woodcuts are made by inking the raised surface of a carved block of wood against which a piece of paper is pressed. The pressure can be exerted either manually or by running the block and the paper through a press. The design of a woodcut is produced by elimination. That is, cutting away everything except the lines or shapes to be printed on the paper.

Art Paintings – Exploring the Artist Identity

The practical methods in this article outline how to personally explore the artist identity. Most artists at some point question why they have a desire or drive to express themselves through art paintings. This questioning is essential to understanding how and why they paint what they paint.

Photo Shop Training – What the Easiest Way to Learn Is!

So you want to know what the easiest way is to learn Photo Shop. I can tell you right away what it is. It is learning by watching it being done. It is learning by watching it being done.

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