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Caring For Fine Art – Sculptures and Statues

You can do much to prevent any corrosion and damage to sculpture and statues by, for example, positioning outdoor pieces in a sheltered space away from any water that might drip from a tree. Precautions should also be taken to shield them from mould, algae and lichen that form more readily in our northerly climate.

What Are 3D Shaders?

For several years, most animation software has referred to the definition of how a rendered surface should look as a shader. Shaders are essentially mathematical algorithms that, through various parameters, can make surfaces on geometry appear as fire, stone, or even caramel.

Caring For Fine Art

Most works of art have a unique quality that gives them a special value of their own. While it is, of course, perfectly possible to set a value on art and antiques for insurance purposes, it’s much more difficult to quantify a treasured possession’s real value to its owner.

3D Material Concepts

Perhaps the most critical element of any scene, realistic or otherwise, is the type of material applied to the geometry. Surfaces can be shiny, dull, reflective, transparent, translucent, and just about any other surface property you can think of.

Great Desktop Wallpapers For Your Computer Background

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