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An Artist in the Streets of Industrial Lancashire

The early life and philosophy of the much celebrated northern British artist L.S. Lowry. He died at 88 years old after pneumonia and a stroke and passed into history like the scenes he portrayed.

Sadequain’s Art – Influences and Inspirations

Sadequain is a great thematic painter of Pakistan. He has worked in various styles ranging from linear to ‘painterly’ ones. Since he is a thematic painter with personal and individual observations of life, he opts to depict grotesque elements from inner and outer world, to find truth and reality.

Ana Tzarev Gallery Exhibition

The Ana Tzarev Gallery is featuring portraits inspired by the artist Ana Tzarev ‘s years of travel and research of diverse cultures. This exhibition celebrates her many unique encounters with individual people in vastly different parts of the world.

Airbrush T-Shirts – Learn the Secret to Creating a Killer Airbrush Shirt

The Top 10 airbrush t-shirts best practice rules are outlined in this practical, down to earth article. Abide by them and end up with an amazing, high quality airbrush shirt every time. Ignore them, and your airbrush shirts will surely suffer.

Boost Your Art Sales by Selling on Artist Community Websites

Article looking at the benefits of both selling and promoting your work on artist community websites and online galleries. This articles discusses the issues faced by artists, photographers and designers when it comes to promoting their work, and offers an alternative marketing technique for those people.

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