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3D Animation

3D animation is a process of creating moving pictures in a dynamic manner and into a three dimensional environment created within a computer. Incorporated with many unique features to generate virtual reality 3D animation has become a heart of many industries.

Working With Digital Images

When working with images there are several things that need to be taken into consideration. Two major things are image files sizes and file formats. What file size is best for your project? How do you know which format to use?

Video Editing Software Programs – What Should I Use?

Before you put your web videos out there to help you get more traffic and sales, you need to edit it in order to make sure it is polished, focused and professional looking. Raw video doesn’t do the trick. But to edit your video, you’ll need video editing software. Here are some suggestions as to a few programs to look into for Mac or PC.

Free Design Services – An Acceptable Way To Give

A great joy of commanding a high income is the ease with which one can bless others. For those of us on a shoestring budget who do not earn a high salary, it is easy to feel ill equipped for blessing others. However, with creativity and some perspective, this feeling can be given a 180 degree turn. Something as simple as graphic design or web design service is a great way to share with others without going into debt.

3D Illustration

3D illustration is core part of computer graphics animation and is a process of creating animation effects and images in a three dimensional environment (also referred as 3D world) within a computer and with the help of 3D software applications. Due its flexibility and power of creating vector models which can be viewed clear in any resolutions, it can be used for the purposes of both design and animation effects. 3D illustration also serves as a process that helps to create 2D representation of a 3D object in the virtual world.

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