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Beautiful Spring Pictures

What can be more wonderful than seeing nature blossoming? And what better way to immortalize these moments can you find, than taking some beautiful spring pictures? Spring is the season when everything is fresh, when flowers smell best, when the sun shines the sweetest, and the trees look fragile.

5 Reasons Why Canvas Art Sets Are Good Buys

Canvas art sets are paintings composed of two or more canvas pieces to create a single artwork. Canvas sets are innovative and seem to be gaining popularity all over the world. Although these kinds of paintings are in demand, you can still find affordable 2 to 9 piece art sets.

Anne Geddes Photos – The Divine 10

Anne Geddes describes the dark-room process as something magical. As the photographic images develop, each one becomes a unique print of remarkable joy. Winner of several awards (1995 NZIPP Portrait Category Winner, AIPA Bronze Merit holder and 2009 honouree of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) Lifetime Achievement Award, just to name a few) Geddes has had her global audience coo-cooing with glee over her photo’s for over two decades. And today we celebrate our top 10 most beloved Anne Geddes photos.

Business Card Brilliance 101: A Primer on How to Design a Business Card So It Doesn’t Suck

Your business card is super important. It is often a prospect’s first impression of your company’s image. You don’t want to mess it up. So to help you avoid that American Psycho moment, I’ve assembled a few helpful tips.

The Perfect Wallpaper for Your Desktop

Choosing the perfect wallpaper for your desktop is almost always something you enjoy doing. We usually care about the wallpaper we have set as desktop background, since we use the computer each and every day of our lives, (at least most of us do so), and that’s why we don’t want to see the same old picture there.

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