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Sculpting With Your Heart

Too much “thinking” blinded our sensitivity to creativity and the beauty of art expression around us. Sculpting with the heart is more important.

Art Changing Lives

Art is not the solution to your life’s problems but it is a powerful tool to facilitate transformation. We take a look at the benefits of at in three factors of causation.

The Challenges in the Business of Art

I imagine my art paying the bills so I can get in the studio and worry about nothing but to create. I see nothing wrong with that. In fact, I want that!

Is Photo Retouching Good Or Bad?

Photo retouching has received lots of criticism. They say that manipulating images is bad. Nothing can be called perfect in this world. This article is about finding out whether the act of photo retouching is something that we should appreciate. Read on.

Digital Photo Retouching Can Do Wonders

Digital cameras hit the market in early 90s. Before that time, film cameras were used to take photographs. Before the advent of digital cameras, photo retouching was done with the help of paint, ink, and joining negative or photos in the darkroom. Let us know more about photo retouching and its application.

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