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Where to Find Unique Face Paint Designs

Face painting is an activity, an art that reflects skill of an individual and the neatness of the articulation of his/her talent. Face painting has become more like a fashion trend amongst the youth of today, who have a special bend of interest towards this activity. We all are aware of the experimenting youth of the contemporary era, and hence, with regard to this very aspect, one has an idea as to what sort of exclusive ideas would they go for, ones that are rare and innovative. They are based on imagination and creativity.

Thinking With the End of the Pencil – Applied to Furniture Design

The famous Swiss artist Paul Klee called it a “thinking with the end of the pencil.” The process of sitting with a pencil on the pad and just watching what comes out the end of the pencil.

Art Deco Perfume Bottles

There is nothing more glamorous than a beautiful perfume bottle sitting on a mirrored vanity, sparkling in the light of a glittering chandelier. Silver Screen Goddesses like Jean Harlow must have had quite the collection of pretty perfume bottles to choose from on their vanity tables. I am fairly certain, so did the average domestic goddess of the Art Deco era.

Free Printable Address Labels Encourage Artistic-Technological Orientation

In the advent of computer technology, the venue for artistic expression has widened in scope. Graphic designing, lay-outing, video imaging and so on has been introduced to mankind that more and more individuals with creative inclination found it simply inspiring.

Key Elements of Professional Book Cover Design For Self-Published Authors

The book cover for your precious manuscript is an enormous determinant regarding its success… or not. You’ll stand a better chance of being a successful self-published author when you get the right graphic artist to assist you. Remember the design of the book cover can boost sales for you tremendously.

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